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Update by user Aug 02

Marc from Rhino Shield ensured the issues would be resolved. He sent a team out to review the paint situation and they recommended a complete redo. One day to prep, one day to paint and the house looks great.

Update by user Aug 02

Rhino Shield did a full repaint, looks great. The staff seemed to take extra care preparing for the job.

Update by user Jul 29

Rhino Shield came out, reviewed the areas of my home where the paint peeled,cracked and chipped and stated they will resolve those issues. They showed concern for the issues with my home and are working towards rectifying the situation. I will update this review later in the week.

Original review posted by user May 07

We used Rhino Shield, MI in 2010 to paint our siding and wood trim, believing the sales pitch that we will never have to paint our house again. Wrong. Rhino Shield has been out several times to touch up areas where the paint has chipped, cracked or peeled. Keep in mind: "Our proprietary coating systems is 8-10 times thicker than traditional latex paint and is guaranteed not to crack, chip, or peel for up to 25 years."

The 2 guys Rhino Shield, MI sent out to do our job was an indication of how this entire process would go. They were sloppy, no attention to detail. There are areas where the original paint showed through, they left a motion detecting light fixture hanging loosely by it's wires instead of re-attaching it, they splattered paint on my deck. They replaced the wood baseboards on 2 porch columns but left the edges rough, did not sand them. It only gets worse from there. We have several sections of wood trim on our house that is now rotting because the Rhino Shield paint cracked and peeled, including the baseboards they replaced (but not covered under warranty).

Years later I contacted Rhino Shield, MI again and sent photos of some (but not all, that would be a lot of photos) of the areas where the paint cracked or peeled. They sent someone out who only touched up those areas, even though there are many other sections that need to be repainted. And then they sent me a bill for the labor.

Some photos are attached, just a small sample of the shoddy product.

Today I contacted Rhino Shield's corporate office and will update this review when they reply.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rhino Shield Painting.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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That’s great news they fixed your house after you bitched complained online. Now all of the sudden they they wanted to help you and did a great job fo you. That Marc guy sounds wonderful I wonder if he’s willing to fix all the other houses Rhino Shield has screwed up across the country.

to Anonymous #1540675

Marc is responsible for Michigan. Anyone outside of Michigan needs to contact their local Rhino Shield rep.

Marc fixed what was a bad situation and followed through with all the fixescorrections. He's a stand-up guy.

to TheCToma #1540710

It sounds like you and Marc are all the sudden dating. Great to hear you got your house fixed one of hundreds with problems.

I wouldn't be so quick to recommend Rhino Shield to anybody how many times did you call Rhino Shield of Michigan? Why did it take an online complaint to get Marc to respond to you?

Marc sounds like a guy trying to do the right thing in crowd of crooks good for him. He should probably go into a different business because Rhino Shield has a horrible reputation and it's getting worse everyday.


Have you contacted the company that did your job, if not why are you complaining.

to R. Ecklund #1477202

Reading comprehension, R.: "Years later I contacted Rhino Shield, MI again..."; "Today I contacted Rhino Shield's corporate office...".The reason for the complaint? Rhino Shield claims "Our proprietary coating systems is 8-10 times thicker than traditional latex paint and is guaranteed not to crack, chip, or peel for up to 25 years." (again, reading comprehension...) The paint on my home has cracked, chipped and peeled.

to R. Ecklund #1481299

You must work for Rhino Shield of MI. Nobody else wood ask such a dumb question.

You need to go and fix this house and resolve this problem and get off the internet asking people dumb *** questions. I would never use this *** company or product after reading all these reviews.

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