January 21, 2014 To whom it may concern: I would like to tell you about the experience I had and I am currently having with Rhino Shield. I was told approximately six years ago when I had a leak in my home I needed to have my house coated with Rhino Shield due to the fact that water was coming through the plaster.

This man suggested I call Rick Mariano. It turns out they are friends and this was not true because after the very expensive, very aggravating, so called 25 year finish my home experienced the very same leak. It turns out the leak was caused by two $10 gaskets in the second story windows in my living room. I guess Rick’s friend, the builder Rex should have probably known this.

However, on to my experience with Rhino Shield. During the process there was damage done to my landscaping and my driveway and it was soon discovered after they left they had missed some areas, as well as, some small blistering began and failure to contain the water from running through the decorative trim on my home. At this point, I was told I needed to pay additional money to do some work around some areas. I was charged for these repairs I thought should have been warranted.

Here we are six years later and for about the last year and half I have been experiencing more and more blistering, as well as, leakage through decorative trim around certain areas of my home. I have been in contact with Rick Mariano, who seemed to be an honorable guy. Now, I tell Rick it is time to repair what is happening to my home as I am doing some remodeling inside and out. His response was, “Not a problem, me and another guy are going to come over and look at it.” My response was just have a couple of guys fix the damage where your product failed and he insisted on doing it his way.

So I met Rick and one of his associates and said, “Do you happen to have somebody that can pressure clean my home and then your guys can fix the areas where your product has failed?” I went on to show him more areas that should have been sealed where water is leaking under causing a major eye sore at my home. My grounds keeper is constantly having to paint over them as they stain my home. I also showed Rick an area where a plant had been removed that apparently had not been painted. Rick said he would get back to me with an estimate for the pressure cleaning.

Low and behold, I received a call from Rick. Rick goes on to tell me I have a bid for pressure cleaning. It is $4,800. I quickly realized what Rick had done.

Clearly, Rick Mariano, the owner of Rhino Shield in Jacksonville was trying to profit from the failure of his product and workmanship. In the past, the approximate cost to pressure clean my home is roughly $1800. My immediate response was, “I will get my home pressure cleaned, you just send your men to fix the damage.” His response to me was, “Yes, I did build in some money because its only fair that you pay to redo the stucco.” Mind you the stucco was perfect until it was incased in Rhino Shield which entombed it in water where it then dissolved. With this I naturally became enraged and text him, “I will just go ahead and contact the person who awarded you the franchise.

Maybe they will see it different.” With that my assistant went on the computer to track the roots of Rhino Shield. She came up with home base in Destin, Florida where we put a call into the company in hopes of resolution. What we encountered was a person by the name of Catherine. As good as she was at running me around, one would assume that I am not the first person to have this problem.

She was well rehearsed and a master of “BS.” I kept telling her, “I just want to speak to the owner of Rhino Shield.” She kept insisting that Rick was an independent franchise and no one had control over him. My answer to her was okay, “If I wanted to open a franchise who would I speak to?” I told her I wanted the name of the president of company and she told me that she was not allowed to give that information out. Apparently, she thinks I am as *** as Rick Mariano does. My assistant immediately went back on the computer finding Steve Dominique, CEO’s contact information.

All of a sudden when my assistant contacted this very same girl asking for Mr. Dominique, we encountered an entirely different attitude. It was amazing! Very politely telling me three times to wait that she was going to connect me with the president.

This never happened. She came back and said, “We are having phone trouble. Give me your telephone number and I will have him call you right back.” This was early Friday morning January 17, 2014 and here it is Tuesday January 21, 2014 and I’m still waiting for that phone call.

This has prompted me to take this further action. Photos available upon review.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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The same father and son team of destruction Jay and Rick Mariano opened up an office here in Minnesota and Milwaukee. They ruined a bunch of homes here in Minnesota and went out of business leaving a huge mess up here.

It looks like the complaints are starting to accumulate for them in Milwaukee also. I guess these guys are just horrible business men as it's evident by all the complaints they have in Jacksonville also.

These crooks have a whole lot of people pissed off at them. Buyer beware!!!


I was considering Rino Shield and was curious about the cost. After reading reviews I absolutely will not hire them.Will not do business with a company that will not make good on their product. Thanks for your comments.


I had Rhino Shield out the sales rep seemed knowledgeable and friendly. They gave me a quote of $28,000.00 but if I had purchased that day they would have given me a 25% discount.

He then gave me a nice guy discount 5% more off. Then came the marketing discount 10% more off. Then he gave me a big project volume discount another 5% off. I was going to get the guest room ready and ask the sales rep to stay overnight.

I figured a few more hours with this guy and I would get the project for free. By the time he left two and a half hours later the price was down to $12,000.00. I'm in sales I'm not sure who trained this rep but that used car lot technique doesn't work anymore. I felt so bad for the guy I told him I would let him know in a few days after I did some research.

I came across this site and had mix feelings after reading some of the reviews. I decided not to move forward after reading the blog in the link below this lady has a very detail review with pictures. I decided to go with a local painter who gave me a 2year warranty.

Rhino Shield advertises a 25yr warranty but in reality it's a 2 year labor warranty and a 23yr product warranty.


to Bill Marietta, Georgia, United States #1335782

Thank you everyone for the reviews. We will go with someone who has good reviews.


I am so glad i read the reviews.It save me a lot of stress.Thank you again.


There is no such thing as never having to paint again and how does painting stop leaks ? I'd have to say you bear some responsibility here for being ignorant.

That said, there is no miracle product to stave off regular exterior maintenance unless you have brick or stone.

As the owner of a successful painting business in the Lake Country area, I can tell you that any new finish applied to your home today is ONLY AS GOOD as what is beneath it. In other words, the areas that are NOT peeling while your home is being painted now, will very likely be doing so down the road as there is either an existing adhesion issue or the existing finish has degraded too far to simply apply a new one over.

The problem begins with builders who do not police their painting sub contractors, who more often than not , do the job for far below market clip to simply get the job, who then cut corners by not properly removing the mill glaze from siding/substrate so that any oil primer applied [a portion of the job generally skipped] will adhere to the siding before the top coat is applied.

A latex primer will NOT grab the wood fibers and will most definitely allow for peeling in the future.

The bottom line is if your house was painted correctly to start, depending on how much direct sunlight your dwelling receives throughout the day and color chosen, [reds & blues fade faster] you can plan to paint your home every 3-5 years give or take.

Any painter that tells you otherwise, is picking your pocket.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1197475

What has happened since this was put on line any reslove?

Martinez, California, United States #1196923

Thank you for this review. I have decided to just paint my exterior wall with tradition paint.

Your experience with Rhino Shield performance and associates involve has cause me to throw-up.

It is sad that Rhino Shield and their contractors lack superior customer service.

Thanks again for saving me allot of unnecessary headache. I will past this on to every family, friends, coworkers or anyone I come in contact with.


Food for thought: contact the state Attorney General's office. They will fight for the consumer. Hang tough and good luck!


Anonymous review sites like this that say anything about food companies shouldn't really be allowed. This site charges $1200 to *** a review.

Do yourself a favor, call the company, ask for some references and see the work.

Other than that only use companies that verify who the poster is, BBB, Angies and Google. Rhino has been around almost two decades and all this stuff on here is half truths and competitors bashing them as customers.

to Anonymous #1445836

This isn't the only site with bad reviews about Rhino Shield. Google Rhino Shield Class Action Lawsuit and see what comes up.


I'm so sorry to see people scamming others, it's just ridiculous these days. I'm glad u spoke up about it... Happens more than u think


Feel your pain friend, I got scammed out of $25k

to Anonymous Vallejo, California, United States #1074130

If someone tried to scam me out of $25k I would scam them out of life.

to kuei Lake Mary, Florida, United States #1165938

I feel so bad for those of you who got scammed. Before Rhino Shield... Lowe's sold me Elastomeric paint & I did my 1800 sq ft home for under 2k (paint & labor).

Those people are crooks & wish you both the best of luck!


Deltona, FL

to Anonymous Picayune, Mississippi, United States #1120300

Yes, they scammed us too for $12,000. Do not stand behind there lifetime warranty and it faded in 3-4 years and will charge is $10,800 to re-do.


Hi everyone. I used Rhinoshield on my home 2-3 years ago in MA and what a terrible mistake.

They will not repair any of the paint that has held up worse than regular paint and actually damaged my home due to moisture. They tell me if i touch it myself they will void the "lifetime" warranty. I could go on and on and on with other issues as well so now I am currently seeking legal help.

I am looking to connect with people who have had the same terrible experience due to bad customer service and/or product failure. I am NOT asking for you to do anything except share your story with me.

To be clear I am NOT asking for money, legal help, or for you to do any work.

My ideal outcome would be to file a class action lawsuit due to the fact that we all bought the same defective product and some of us were falsely advertised to.

If you would like any other information feel free to email me at amoore.help@gmail.com .

I would be happy to help any of you in anyway. This company needs to be stopped from selling a defective product.

to abby.moore0090 #1491345

I just had a representative from Rhino-Shield come by my house to give us an estimate. The house is in Boston, MA.

Did you work with Rhino-Shield of NE? I thought their presentation was great and they really did make it seem as though it was an amazing product. I would have been ready to sign on the dotted line if he had a contract in hand. I am glad I saw this.

Do you have pictures?

I am going to reconsider my decision. Thank you for sharing your story.


I am having a similar problem with the paint not holding up after 5 yrs.

I have been dealing with it being fixed for a yr.

the product might be good BUT the preparation wasn't and therefore the peal crack issues

I would never recommend them I am from RI so I guess my "distributor" is also like the one in Jacksonville


Well I was going to suggest this paint to my husband, but wanted to research it first.. SO HAPPY I DID!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS FOR THE POST :) Can only say, I surely hope everyone else does! ANOTHER DISHONEST PERSON IN THE WORLD :( DARN IT ): Bet his momma's proud.....

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