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Was initially impressed with Rhino Shield - especially considering the 25 year warranty.

When the crews were out, I was told the paint would be 11 mil thickness - it wasn't, more around 3-5 mil depending on where I looked (1 mil is 1 sheet of paper) but I figured if we ever had problems, we got the 25 year warranty to fall back on. I paid $17,000.00 for this job - mostly due to the 25 year "guarantee".

The coating is now 6 years old and starting to chip & peel in areas and now have some wood rot at the base of our west facing front door, so I called the people who installed it, they came out and said "Yep, that's covered under warranty and we'll call you to schedule a date to repair"

The rep just called back and gave me two options - they can ship the paint to me to do myself or pay them $500 to come out and repair. He stated that the 25 year warranty doesn't cover labor. I can NOT find that anywhere on line or after reading their warranty statement. I am sooooo mad right now I could spit.

What a freaking rip off - stay away from Rhino Shield

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"Mad As Heck" Your review is weak *** *** you should just take it down. No pictures no location if your scared to complain then don't.

Rhino Shield dealers are trained crooks if you don't man up they will eat you alive.

FYI On the back of the contract you signed it clearly says it's a TWO YEAR LABOR WARRANTY. That's why EVERYONE ELSE on this site is *** Pissed not just MAD AS HECK!

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