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Update by user Nov 01, 2014

Rhino Shield Jax has just completed a job painting my sister's house with their Elastomeric ceramic coating mix that is guaranteed to seal, insulate and waterproof her home. After my original complaint got resolved, I actually started promoting their work because I was so pleased with the outcome of my house.

My home looks brand new now actually better than new. It has a look of rich color where my neighbors paint job looks faded. That was the main motivator for my sister to choose Rhino Shield Jacksonville when she lives in St. Augustine.

The paint job just looks so much better than other people's on my street. Ok, I'll be honest, looks wasn't the only motivating factor for her deciding to spend the extra money it cost. Since I had the exterior of my house coated with their formula, I noticed my electric bill did decrease from $230/month to $179 the following month. I was pleased to say the least but once I had my roof done that figure dropped again to $115.

I noticed that now when I set my AC on 74' it's cold in the house. So We have been leaving our thermostat on 78' now and it feels very comfortable. I can assume that next month my bill will drop even lower since we have figured this out. I'm sure these numbers also played a role in my sister making her decision.

Although she was only getting the Rhino Shield Product not the Super Shield for the roof, I'm sure she will invest more once she can afford it. So the purpose of this addition was to tell you how my sister's job went and how pleased she was for the overall experience. One thing I can say about their team they are very professional and courteous. Anyway They gave her a time frame of 8 days because she had extensive prep work and caulking that needed to be done and cleaning before they could even begin the process.They scraped away old paint that was peeling and old caulk around windows that was old and deteriorating and replaced it with new all around every window.

They also pressure washed the entire house and concrete washing away any remaining debris and even did the driveway. The next day they applied the primer coating all over the house that allows the top coat to stick better and seal the walls of the building. She watched them thoroughly to make sure that the workers weren't taking any short cuts and to her surprise they didn't. They did their job exactly how they said they were going to do it and in a professional manner.

On the last day of the project , my sister had to go to work that morning for a few hours and her car wouldn't start. She had left a light on all day and night before without noticing in the garage so she was stuck. Just as she was about to call her job here come the Rhino Shield employees pulling up. Luckily they start early.

She told them what happened and they were able to give her a jump and she made it to work on time. When she returned home after lunch, her house was finished and they were just putting the finishing touches on it. She was very impressed with how vibrant the colors were. It didn't even look like the same house.

She started taking pictures and putting it on Facebook and calling her friends bragging about how sweet her new home was. I am going to get those pics and update this post again to show everyone what a drastic difference her house looks before and after so you can be impressed as well. Rhino Shield Jax I found out is also an A-plus in the better rating in the Better Business Bureau with only one bad complain from an anonymous person here at pissed consumer . You can't put links in this review but here is the URL to copy and paste if you are interested.

http://www.bbb.org/north-east-florida/business-reviews/stucco-and-exterior-coating-contractors/rhino-exteriors-llc-in-jacksonville-fl-11396/ If you are looking to upgrade your home with a paint job better think about calling the best.

That's Rhino Shield Jacksonville. To be continued..

Update by user Sep 11, 2014

Rhino Shield Jax has just recently put Super Shield on my roof to seal it up and waterproof it. I must say I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out.

It looks wonderful and very impenetrable now. After I managed to settle my affairs with Rhino Shield, I was very happy with the outcome. I realized that sealing my roof would not only look better but give me the kind of security I was looking for. Maybe I'm hard to work for I guess that's because of my OCD.

Everything has to be perfect and in order or I go nuts! Even after my complaint I was still treated fairly and got a good deal on my roof since I had my house done as well. They say Super shield not only waterproofs but blocks out or reflects the suns UV rays so my electric bill is suppose to go down because my house is suppose to be cooler now. I think it is.

It seems that way. I've noticed for the past couple days I have raised my AC up a couple degrees because it was getting too cool in my house. That has never happened so I must say they got to be right.

I will refer Rhino Shield of Jacksonville to anyone of my friends or anyone I run across that is looking to get a paint job. Their courteousness and professionalism has went a long way with me and I'm very pleased.

Original review posted by user Aug 24, 2014

I am writing this as a review of the work that was conducted on my home last month from Rhino Shield of Jacksonville, Fl. Several months ago, my blood pressure jumped off the Richter Scale as I felt like I had been scammed from Rhino Shield Jacksonville by selling me inferior product, unlike their claims.

I still had a leak on one side of my house that I believed was due to the poor paint job I had received when the house was built. I believe it wasn't even paint it was tinted stucco. I had pieces of stucco falling off my house in chunks! Needless to say I was furious.

I had all the stucco repaired and explained to Rhino Shield that I wanted my house sealed up and waterproofed. They explained how their ceramic coatings were far superior to paint, and how I wouldn't have to paint my house again for 20 years and it was actually protecting my investment by spending the extra money going with Rhino Shield products. After careful consideration, and a great presentation I felt comfortable enough that I decided to go with it so I wouldn't have to worry about my house falling apart anymore. Well after only a couple years I noticed the paint coating on the house bubbling up on the same side as before and I was starting to get water damage on the inside of my house by the window on the same side.

I tried remaining calm and getting them back out to repair the damage but after their inspection, I was told I probably had a leak on my roof that was running down the wall causing the damage and I needed to have a roofer fix that problem first or else the problem would just keep happening. I thought this BS or just a way of them trying to get out of it so I wrote a few bad reviews on them out of anger. I felt betrayed by them because I thought If I spent the money I wouldn't have to worry about any issues like this for a long time. Reluctantly I felt like the only way I was going to prove to Rhino Shield that it was their fault was to get a roofer to inspect the roof.

Then they would have to repair everything for free. How could a leak travel that far to the bottom of the house? To my surprise I had a leak in my roof on that side of the house. This didn't make sense to me because the roof wasn't that old and I had been having this issue almost from the beginning.

After I took my foot out of my mouth, I called back Rhino Shield of Jacksonville and explained and apologized. They were very understanding and scheduled a couple guys to make all the repairs. FINALLY!

My house is sealed and I can chill out. Thank you for staying professional after what I had called you.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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Thank you for your time spent writing all this about your experience with Rhino Shield. I live in Jacksonville, Fl and I have been considering getting my house done with their product but it is pretty expensive next to regular paint, so I've been doing my homework looking at reviews online and complaints and the only bad review I found about the Rhino Shield Jacksonville company was the one next to this one.

I'm glad you pointed out the Better Business Bureau A+ rating because that means a *** of a lot more than some anonymous complaint . For all I know that could be from an ex girlfriend or ex wife trying to screw over the owner.

I'm pretty satisfied that Rhino Shield Jax is a good company and will still be around to live up to their 25 year warranty if it doesn't hold up. From what I can tell only good things have been said about the company.


Wow. Because women are out here enmasse leaving bogus reviews on their exes and their businesses? Your comment just lost all credibility with that one remark.


I agree. In not convinced those reviews are real.


Rhino Shield Jax is a great company and offer tremendous work for the price. They painted my moms house and did a fantastic job!

Before, the house looked very dead and old but now it looks more lively to look at. Satisfied with you guys.


Where is my update at? I posted another update the other day and it still hasn't been posted. Are you guys off on weekends or what?


I happen to agree with you Rhino Shield is a great product.


I used Rhino Shield Jacksonville last summer and I had no problems with them. Matter of fact I thought they had done a great job!


I appreciate your honesty and maturity in this matter with Rhino Shield Jacksonville. I have had them paint two houses of mine and one for my sister and I can honestly say I have never had any problems out of them.

I have always been treated professionally and with respect. I have them clean my houses and my sisters with a pressure washer once a year. We have been doing business with them for about seven years now and I have always been satisfied with the service and the product. After seven years, my first house that got the ceramic coating still looks as good as it did after they painted it.

Once a year after it's cleaned it looks like a brand new paint job. Rhino Shield Jacksonville has proven to me they are a great company to do business with and I will continue to use them for years to come. I had to get a new cell phone this summer after I lost it in the St. Johns on a fishing boat.

So I went online to retrieve there phone number and schedule an appointment and I saw this site with some guy complaining about how he got scammed by them. Although I never had any issues with them my curiosity led me to read that review. It looked like a smear campaign to me because I've dealt with Rick and his office and they have always taken care of me and done what they said they were going to do. It did not seem like that complaint was the complete truth.

I asked Rick about the issue and like I thought that story was mostly fabricated. I felt like I had to say something because Rhino Shield has always done a wonderful job for me.


It's a non issue. I was doing what I felt was right at the time and I'm still doing what I feel is right.

That's what it is about, Karma.

I have no ill will towards Rhino Shield Jax. I'm very pleased with them to date.


I had my house painted with Rhino Shield last year and I had no issue at all with it except it was expensive but it does save you money on electric bill.


Ceramic coatings is 1000 times better than paint.


Elastomeric Ceramic coatings is better than paint.


It sounds like your house had a pre-existing condition and your insurance didn't want to cover it!


Now that was funny!!!!!


Water runes down hill.

It's called gravity!


Yea they are really good guys over there.

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